Two Ships Scuttled

Two vessels were intentionally sunk offshore northeast Florida to create marine habitat and a new fishing and scuba ding location. Each vessel was over 100 feet long and went through rigorous preparations to become suitable artificial reef structures.

Below are POV style videos showing how the vessels were scuttled.

The vessels were sunk in 90 feet of water about 25 nautical miles east of the Jacksonville Inlet. One vessel is a large tugboat that is now called the Jimmy Dales Reef and the other is a long metal sailboat hull now called the Greater Jax Kingfish Reef.

The GPS coordinates for these underwater attractions are...

Greater Jax Kingfish Reef:



Jimmy Dales Reef:



A big thanks to the community for making these new reef sites a reality including Mobro Marine, Jacksonville Marine Charities, Greenland Biomass, and the North Florida Marine Association.

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