TISIRI at Jacksonville Beach with ARC Surf Camp


TISIRI's Kistel, Kalakauskis, and Davis participated with ARC Surf Camp this past weekend. Kistel and Kalakauskis served as volunteer leaders and Mr. Davis, of course, photographed the events.

This was the last of a 3 day Surf camp hosed by ARC surf camp and over 30 children attended. Although the main activity of the camp was to focus around surfing the children were split into groups and rotated to several activity stations. Children were able to surf, play beach sports, learn about beach safety, and play fun beach games.

TISIRI's Kistel and Kalakauskis served as a surf station "leaders" providing 1 on 1 surfing instruction and guidance to children throughout the day. Kistel and Kalakauskis would discuss surfing with each child before entering the water whiling getting an idea of each child's comfort level. Once the child appeared comfortable he/she would lay on the surf board while being pushed into a wave. Most of the children were able to stand up on the surf board with a few attempts.

Some kids seemed a little anxious prior to trying to surf but once in the water and especially after catching a wave all the kids became hooked. The TISIRI team stated it was great to see how these children reacted to catching their first waves.

The ARC Surf camp was a great event and opportunity for these children. TISIRI was grateful for the opportunity to participate. See pictures of the event above.

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