A Look at the Sunken Spike 5 Years Later


In the summer of 2009 Safe Harbor Boys Home provided a retired United States Coast Guard Vessel to the artificial reef program. The vessel, known as the Spike, was meticulously cleaned, transported offshore, and sank roughly 28 miles east of the St Johns River Inlet. Today the vessel has become a thriving underwater Jacksonville reef teaming with life. TISIRI scuba divers Larry Davis, Glenn Hoffman, and Joe Kistel visited the reef and were truly impressed with the amount of life covering and surrounding the structure. There were so many schooling fish it was difficult to actually visually observe the ship structure itself. Davis and Hoffman harvested invasive lionfish while Kistel captured the pictures and video shown below. Enjoy



Fish species reported observed included:
Sea Bass
Gag Grouper
Goliath Grouper

Coordinates and more information of the Spike can be found in the North Florida Reefs book

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