Statewide Invasive Lionfish Awareness And Removal Weekend

This May, the weekend of the 16th and 17th will be dedicated to statewide Lionfish removal and awareness activities. Coastal counties around the state will be harvesting Lionfish in an attempt to remove as many of the invasive critters as possible. Watch the brief promotional video below:

The event headquarters will be held in Pensacola where a Lionfish harvest tournament will take place as well as an entertaining outreach event at the Plaza De Luna Park. Lionfish filet demonstrations and even tastings are to be expected as well as many other activities including a visit from Guy Harvey. Other regions around the state will also host removal events and report back to headquarters. In the Jacksonville region the Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast Tournament will be underway.

The FWC "Lionfish Removal and Awareness" weekend will combine the efforts of the masses to reduce the number of invasive Lionfish, increase awareness of the epidemic, and show how creating a consumer demand may be a control solution.

Click on the image below to see the official FWC press release (4-29-15) and details:

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