Near Death Shark Found with Bullet Wound


Today we made a very disturbing encounter at an artificial reef site known as the Casablanca. As shark was found very near death with what appeared to be a head wound caused by a bullet. Below is a brief video clip showing how the shark was found. There was still blood coming out of the wound.

We do not know how or why the shark was shot. We feel it t was likely caused by a spearfishing scuba diver with a "power head" spear shaft or a fishermen with a "bang-stick." Whatever the reasoning for the shooting, it is sad to see the lifeless body of an animal that is critical to the marine food chain. Shark numbers are already under pressure and to find one left for dead by the hands of a person utilizing our marine habitats is discouraging to say the least.

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  1. Sad to see the shark killed. I am impressed by the work you do, though I hate I had to find out about it in this way. If you ever find out the details as to why the shark was killed, please let me know.

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