TISIRI and Rollins College joined forces to lend a hand to the Talbot Island park system in Jacksonville, Florida.

Several months ago Courtney Banker of Rollins College reached out to TISIRI looking for an opportunity for an "Immersion" trip. Courtney implied the students were interested in environmental conservation and TISIRI's marine efforts. We decided to coordinate a trip out to the beautiful Little Talbot Island to preform a coastal clean-up, followed by a trip to the Marine Science Education center for a TISIRI presentation. It was a great time. A few pictures of the events below. ( continued below pictures...)

At Talbot Island our group preformed trail maintenance, pruning overgrown sections of the trail back so future park patrons had a clear path to follow. With a total group size of nearly twenty, 2 miles of trail were pruned relatively quickly. The trail terminated at the northern section of beach of Little Talbot Island and our group then cleaned-up trash and debris along the 2 miles of coast line back to the park pavilions.

We enjoyed a brief picnic lunch and then headed to the Marine Science Education Center . Nathan Shoemaker graciously provided us a tour of the facility and all of their beautiful aquarium displays. The displays literally gave the students "hands on" experience with some of the local marine life important to the area.

After the tour, Joe Kistel provided an in-depth discussion of artificial reefs and their significance. Based on the reactions of students, it appears the combination of the days activities has made a lasting impression for the better!

A big "Thanks" to the following:
- Nathan Shoemaker of Marine Science Education Center
-Jolene Roszel, Ed Kalakauskis, and Larry Davis of TISIRI
-Courtney Banker of Rollins College
-Felicia M. Boyd
-Talbot Island Parks
- FSCJ and Bank of America Participants

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