Jacksonville River Reef Project To Commence

Excitement is in the air as the Jacksonville River Reef Project is to begin construction in early December. This first of its kind project for the north Florida region has been in the works for several years and thus this is a momentous occasion. Watch the brief project teaser video below and come join us for the deployment on December 4th.

As the video describes the purpose of the project is to create marine habitat to benefit the river environment and provide a recreational destination on the river. It will serve recreational fishermen well due to its proximity and ease of access.

The Jacksonville River Reef Project was spearheaded by the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). Since the project's inception, over three years ago, the CCA has gathered the interest and support of the Jacksonville community. Bringing the project to reality has been the result of several groups and individuals efforts and perseverance. The project is being funded by the CCA (including a contribution from country singer Kenny Chesney) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The project is being coordinated through the City of Jacksonville and TISIRI participants. The reefs will be thoroughly studied by the Marine Science Research Institute and Jacksonville University.

It is expected the project will be a huge success and lead to further conservation projects on the St Johns River waterway.

Previous efforts in regards to this project can be found by clicking here

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  1. Adam Norwood

    What is the controlling depth at these locations. Will sailboats with keels up to 8 feet in depth be able to clear the debris placed on the bottom?
    What are the lat lon values?

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