Jacksonville Reef Clean-Up Scuba Diving Opportunity

We are coordinating a reef clean-up dive trip this Saturday 1-12-13. We will be removing fishing line and trash debris from popular reef sites. We do reef clean projects from time to time but have been motivated execute such efforts more frequently after recently finding a dead sea turtle caught up in fishing line.

Divers participating will be featured in TISIRI pictures, video, and publications relating to the event and will have improved the health of our offshore environment. Dive conditions were great during our underwater efforts last week, and should be even better on Saturday. We even encountered three different giant sunfish "Mola-Mola." Amazing animals.

The trip will consist of two to three dives per participant. Divers will dive in teams of two with one diver removing/cutting line with the other helping place waste material in a mesh bag. Trash we be brought back to the boat and discarded appropriately when back ashore. All dives will be within recreational dive limits.

The dive trip will depart from Jacksonville Florida 7am Saturday morning and the boat will return mid afternoon. The weather is going to be nice and warm.

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  1. ted

    sounds like an awesome trip, wish i could make it

  2. mary s

    I have to check on something but hope to be able to make it

  3. scott

    I really wish I could but I am out of town this weekend. Bryan said he was going to try to go though.

  4. Toby

    I wish I was there, but I was back home at that time.

  5. The trip will consist of two to three dives per participant.

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