Reef Clean Up Efforts; Pictures and Video


This past Saturday TISIRI completed our first of several reef clean-up efforts of 2013. Last week the weather was looking great a for the trip but we were not able to secure offshore transportation until the last minute. A big thanks to Capt Steve Park of the Native Diver II for being able to take us offshore.

We visited a reef known as the school bus barge reef that rest roughly 12 miles east of the Mayport jetties. The barge sits in about 65 feet of water and is a popular fishing location due to its proximity to the inlet. Our goal was to remove entanglement hazards from the reef including fishing line and rope. Divers used scissors and snips to carefully remove line from reef structure and coral growth. Below are some pictures and video of the efforts.

Video below captured by Larry Davis

Divetalking has posted another video of the clean-up dive and has it posted here.

Participating divers:

Larry Davis
Joe Kistel
Leslie Lesslig
Barbara Toll
Eric May
Ania Kocaj

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  1. Patti Kalaitzis

    It’s so sad the damages people leave behind innocently or not. Wow, great video and pix Larry!
    Keep up the great work guys!

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