National Geographic Features TISIRI Reef Cleaning Efforts

Earlier this month TISIRI divers headed offshore Jacksonville Florida to clean-up marine reef habitats. Popular reef sites were targeted assuming they would have accumulated the most waste material over time. National Geographic published a brief video story of the day's reef cleaning efforts (watch it below)

At the end of the day divers had removed miles of fishing line and anchor rope from the visited reef sites. It was a productive effort but reminded the team of the potential entanglement hazards at the other hundreds + fishing sites offshore northeast Florida. The team hopes to be able to ramp up reef cleaning efforts and continue to remove potential entanglement hazards from as many reefs as possible.

A big thanks to project participants including:
Devin Pollard
Larry Davis
Ed Kalakauskis
Nate Tucei
Tom Napolitano
Kim Fair
Kelsey Moss
Alex Jones
Chris Roberts
Ryan Roberts
Capt. Dan Lindley (Offshore Dive Charters)


A great job well done helping to conserve our marine resources.

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