A glimpse of the most infested Lionfish regions

Notable Lionfish hunters claim the northern Gulf of Mexico contains the highest congregations of invasive Lionfish that they have encountered in all of their Lionfish hunting excursions. This past Sunday a small team investigated a specific region presumed to hold high populations. The team included TISIRI's Joe Kistel (cameraman), FWC's Alex Fogg (Lionfish harvester), and Captain Grayson Shepard (trip host, consultant, and harvester). The team visited two underwater structure sites in the northern Gulf and were astonished with what they encountered. Words cannot fully describe their experience but the brief video clip below paints a pretty vivid picture.

This video was created from a portion of the first dive and represents only small fraction of the footage captured documenting the infestation. Alex Fogg is the diver/hunter shown in the clip and he was capturing the fish for the upcoming "Lionfish Removal and Awareness" event.

A big thanks to Captain Grayson Shepard, who by the way had an encounter with a Great White shark during his last dive. Also another thanks to Divetalking and the fine folks at LensFly for helping with camera equipment support.

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  2. Joseph Burnside

    Can you please provide either the GPS coordinates for this area or a more accurate description of where the area is located?
    Thank you!
    Joseph Burnside

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