MOSH Water Educational Festival A Success


Today we found out that children really like to win shark teeth! Representatives from TISIRI and created and facilitated a game for this year's Water Education Festival at the Museum of Science and History. See the game in action in the short video below.

The game worked as follows...
Participants were given a booklet containing five different marine animals and three labels each with a name of one of those animals contained in the booklet. The players were to match the names with the correct marine animals in the picture booklet. For each correct match the player was rewarded a bean bag toss. Participants then would try to toss bean bags through an open porthole. Note: this port hole was removed from a previous marine habitat creation project. For each bean bag toss that successfully made it through the port hole window the participant received a fossilized shark tooth.

The game was a big hit! We rewarded players with over several hundred sharks teeth and were able to introduce the marine life of North East Florida to many curious minds.

TISIRI would like to thank MOSH for the opportunity to participate and all the MOSH patrons that visited our booth. A very special thanks Anna Deloach of, Ed Kalakauskis, Quinn Riesch, and Zoe for helping facilitate the activities. Look for more exciting games at future events!

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  1. Very Kewl, exciting and interactive fun. Glad it worked out for everyone involved..

    Larry Davis

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