An Observational Update Visit to The Southwest Florida Mohawk Reef

What a better time to to investigate the current condition of the southwest Florida Mohawk reef then on its 3rd year deployment anniversary and Independence Day holiday weekend. Take a look at the underwater video and images below to see how much of a reef the site has already become.


The ship was deployed on July 2nd 2012 and has been underwater for three years. It is already teaming with life; both fish and invertebrate species. It is quite amazing what it has become in a few years time.


Pictures and video of the Mohawk sinking, deployment day 7-2-12 - Mohawk Sinking Pictures + Video
More information regrading the Mohawk reef including ship history - Mohawk Reef Website

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  1. A wonderful idea carried forth to provide the reef for both
    plant & animal life. I received a BS in Biology & Education from Loyola 62 years ago and my Masters in Education from Loyola in 1962. I really enjoy reading & hearing about ways to improve our food supplies, our air quality and our total environment.

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