Mischeivous Octopus Dismantles Underwater Camera Housing

Earlier today TISIRI underwater cameraman Joe Kistel stumbled across the same Octopus encountered last week (when it took a great interest in diver Kim Fair). Kistel hoped to make amends with the octopus from last weeks encounter and allowed it to investigate the camera housing. Everything seemed to be going well during the interaction, with the octopus taking a great interest in the underwater housing lens port. After a few moments Kistel observed something in the Octopuses arms, and to his surprise realized the Octopus was removing a seal gasket from the underwater camera housing. Watch the sneaky octopus a work in the video below...

Previous encounter with this same octopus as it takes a great interest in a TISIRI diver's dive gear:

Octopus image:

The above image shows just how well the octopus can blend itself into its environment.

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