Lionfish Outreach and Insight Videos

Below are videos describing the invasive Lionfish situation in Florida and objectives to reduce the negative impact they are causing to regional ecosystems. All the Lionfish footage included was captured by underwater cinematographer (and TISIRI director) Joe Kistel.

Aug 2016 Plague-like concentration of Lionfish encountered

June 7 2016 National Geographic "How Eating Venomous Lionfish Helps the Environment"

February 3 2016 FWC "Tips for Lionfish Removal

January 2016 "Invasive Lionfish Control" From the television show "Sunken Conservation"

July 24 2015 National Geographic "Divers Fight the Invasive Lionfish"

May 2015 Insane Lionfish Congregation Found in the northern Gulf

April 20 2015 FWC "Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day"

June 2014 "Controlling Invasive Lionfish"

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