John C. Leone Reef and Statue of Jesus Placement Success (Video)


The John C. Leone reef was successfully created on Friday 12 miles off the coast of Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. Part of the reef creation process included placing a 1000 plus pound statue of Jesus on the sea floor 70 feet below. Although placing the statue was challenging, the entire deployment process went well and a new marine habitat has been created in memory of John Leone. Watch how the statue was placed in the awesome project recap video below.

Media Story:
ABC/NBC Affiliate

Reef and Statue of Jesus Deployment Pictures:

Reef Coordinates:
30° 10 148' N
81° 09 634' W

See the Times Union story here for more details about how the entire project came together.

A big thanks to project and TISIRI supporters:
Dell Marine - Donated material and offshore transportation
Blue Line UAV - provided aerial imagery services
Kistel Media - provided video production services
Divetalking - provided video production equipment and cameraman
Rountree Transport & Rigging - provided transportation of statue to shipyard
Toshiba - TISIRI Supporter
Kingston Technologies - TISIRI Supporter
Nassau WebDesign - TISIRI Supporter
Northrop Grumman - TISIRI Supporter

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  1. Charles Holt

    Great job Joe. That took teamwork to get that done.

  2. peter prince

    Beautiful. Prayers to the family.

  3. Lou DeNicola

    Great job. Loved the video. Thanks for all your efforts.

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