Intruder Aircraft Reef added to Reefs Revealed

Fall 2011

East of St. Augustine Florida, in about 85 feet of water, lies the remains of several Grumman A-6 Intruder aircraft. These fuselages are not the results of the jets crashing into the ocean, but in fact were placed here on purpose. Yes these aircraft bodies were deployed in the ocean to create marine habitat.

TISIRI divers visit the reef to collect visual media for TISIRI's Reefs Revealed project. Below are pictures and video of the Intruder Reef and its inhabitants.



The reef area consists of several aircraft lying in various postures. Some aircraft are independently spaced and others are in clustered piles. Several fish species were encountered during this particular dive with a high abundance of tomtates, highhats, and the occasional grouper. Visit the Reefs Revealed page for more information (including coordinates) regarding this reef site.

Intruder Reef Reefs Revealed Page, Click here.

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