Goliath Grouper Sighting At New Reef Site

5-31-14 TISIRI divers Joe Kistel and Larry Davis made a trip offshore to capture some updated visual content of Jacksonville Florida's three newest artificial reef sites. These three reefs lie roughly 12 miles east of Ponte Vedra Beach. During the second dive, just before returning to the surface, Kistel turned around and saw a large Goliath Grouper staring at him. Kistel was able to capture the encounter on video and it is shown below. We think this is a fabulous sign to see this large grouper, a protected species at such a new reef site.


A great encounter!
Here is the Story from First Coast News:


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  1. Joe Knott

    Great video, visibility on this date was outstanding. I was diving the Artificial reefs of Volusia county that day. I am with the reef team there. Our Lionfish population has exploded down here. Do you have the same problem? Thanks again for the video. all best wishes. and safe diving.

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