Fish Habitat Structures Placed At Starship Reef


The awesome structures Gate Precast provided for the reef creation project were successfully placed on the seafloor this weekend. Below is a quick 1 minute video recap of the reef creation process.

Starship Reef Coordinates:

We were fortunate to be able to take advantage of a brief weather window that mother nature provided this past Saturday. Seas were calm enough to position the barge in proper position and effectively deploy the concrete structures.

This was the second and final barge load reef deployment for the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) / Building Conservation Trust (BCT) Starship Reef Project. The new reef is the largest in the permitted region and consist of a variety of concrete structures. In a short amount of time the pieces will become encrusted in invertebrate life and support a great diversity of marine species. The Starship Reef is ready to fish and scuba dive!!

This project was made possible thanks to:
Lamb's Yacht Center
Gate Precast
Dames Point Workboats
and many individuals

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