Coastal Clean-up a Success


TISIRI,, and JRRT join efforts in the international Coastal Clean-up event. The goal of the day was to clean trash and litter debris from the Little Jetties park near Mayport Florida. The participants did just that and found a surprising amount, and variety, of trash in the little park area. Below are some picture results of the days efforts and what was found. This post continues below the gallery.

Coastal Clean-up is an international event encouraged by the Ocean Conservancy. While conservation is an everyday effort, certain days are scheduled to generate mass participation around the world. September 17th was such a day where many organisations and individuals internationally participated in marine conservation efforts.

TISIRI, Divetalking, and JRRT participants collected trash material found along the shorelines of the Little Jetties area. See map below..

The park is relatively small in total land area but is mostly coastline. It is amazing how much trash was found. Participants collected approximately 30 large garbage bags of litter as well as several large material items that were too large for the bags.

Some items collected:
-discarded clothing
-wrappers: every kind you can think of
-non-biodegradable bags
-computer monitor and electronic components

It is thought most of the debris collected washed ashore with the tides but is also apparent that park users are not always properly discarding their trash. It is a discouraging reality but a good reminder that conservation outreach will always be an ongoing effort. By participating in events such as the Coastal clean-up, TISIRI hopes to set an example and help encourage others by doing.

A big thanks to all those who participated locally and all those that are participating in conservation efforts across the world.

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