Artificial Reef Structures Evolve With Time

In the fall of 2018 concrete double "T" structures (built and provided by Gate Precast) were placed in the Ocean to create marine habitat and the Starship Reef, A Coastal Conservation Conservation - Building Conservation Trust- Shell project. These reef modules have been in the ocean just over a half a year and are already covered in marine life and supporting many fish species.

A brief video of the underwater views captured on a recent investigation dive. Watch out for the Goliath Grouper who seemed to enjoy the sheltered spaces the double "T" structures provide. Also notice the amount of growth already established on the concrete materials.

A giant thanks to Gate Precast for providing these unique structures which are proving to be very effective at creating productive underwater habitat.

Underwater Pictures:

The Starship reef is located off the Coast of Ponte Vedra and rest in 70 feet of water. For more information on the specific reef location and additional reef site details click here.

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