A Push To Increase Offshore Habitat Restoration Activities

We are in discussions with City of Jacksonville Waterways Commission in an effort to increase offshore habitat conservation efforts. The major activities we are encouraging to scale include habitat creation projects (artificial reef construction), reef site maintenance, and awareness programs showcasing the unique opportunities the region's offshore waterways provide.

News segment "Reef Restoration with the City of Jacksonville":

(Joe Kistel describes the importance of an active Reef Restoration initiative)

Increasing our offshore conservation abilities will have a direct benefit to the City of Jacksonville. Economic studies show counties with offshore reef habitats benefit economically (Economic Study Results Here) Northeast Florida is fortunate to have many offshore reef habitat sites however there is an incredible lack of awareness of their existence. To maximize the benefits our offshore reefs have the potential to provide to Duval county, the City of Jacksonville needs to become more intimately involved in the reef restoration program.

For those interested in helping please consider reaching out to the City of Jacksonville (Mayor, City Council, Commissioners) to encourage support of reef restoration.

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