5 Reefs Added to Reefs Revealed Map


Today TISIRI added five additional North East Florida offshore destinations to our Reefs Revealed map. See our map on the TISIRI Homepage and tell us below which five sites are the newest additions to the map. There are eighteen total anchors on the map click on the anchors to see the name of each reef site. Of the eighteen, five were recently added today. Take a guess at which five reef sites were just added and the 1st one to guess all five correctly will win a TISIRI original photo print and a gift certificate good for two boardings, two food items, and two free plays aboard the Jacks or Better Casino (valued @ $72). If nobody is able to guess all five correctly by early next week the contestant with the most amount of correct answers will win.

The winner will be revealed next week. We look forward to your responses below and good luck. Thanks

12 Responses

  1. Jack T

    I am going to say gulf america, grady prather, intruder planes, copage, and Natural ledge 2. How did I do?

  2. Ashley Burgess

    Grady Prather, Gulf America, Barge 1, Concrete and Barge Reef, and Banana Pogy boats.

  3. james

    My guess is 9 mile north culverts, Spike, ch tug, Tug 1,and Gulf America.

  4. Bobby S

    Lets say the Intruder site, Natural ledge 1, Gulf America, Tug 1, and Coppage Tug.

  5. Kay

    I am going with:

    The Spike, Andy King, Desco Shrimp, Grady Prather, and Gulf America. WINNER!

  6. steve

    Concrete barge, intruder, gulf america. barge 1, Ch tug

  7. Wayne

    The spike, the barge, Desco shrimp boat, Andy king, and banana pogey


    Nobody has it right yet but some people have posted one or two of the correct answers. Keep Trying. Here is a hint, all of the new reefs added are Jacksonville reefs.

  9. Tina

    banana pogey, coppedge culverts, spike, tugboat1, gulf america

  10. jolene ros2l

    Gulf america, natural ledge 1, natural ledge 2, tugboat 1, banana pogey boats

  11. Jacqueline Halle

    FF 2011 reef, Gulf America, PM Concrete Junctions, MR Natural Ledge, and PM Ledge Reef

  12. TISIRI

    Congratulations Jolene, you were the most correct with 4 out of 5 correct answers. Correct answers were natural ledge 1, natural ledge 2, tugboat 1, banana pogey boats, and barge 1.

    Please stop by TISIRI HQ to pick up your prize.

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