2 Years of Reef Evolution

It is nearly the 2 year anniversary since a giant barge load of concrete reef materials, provided by Gate Precast, was placed into the ocean offshore Ponte Vedra. We just completed a dive investigation of the new artificial reef to check on progress. We were amazed at what we observed and provide a video and a few images below...

It was astonishing to see so much life at such a "new" artificial reef site. We observed a variety of fish species, including those of interest to fishermen. Snapper, Flounder, and Sea bass were some of those most numerous. We also observed a diversity of colonizing growth on the concrete reef structures. In addition to Tunicates, Barnacles, and soft corals we also saw tiny fragments of stony corals beginning to emerge. Over time these stony corals are expected to grow in size and add to the overall richness of this underwater ecosystem.

Another big thanks to those that helped make the project happen including the CCA, Shell, Gate Precast, Lambs Yacht Center, and Dames Point Workboats.

More information on this artificial reef project can be found here .

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