Name A Reef

How would you like to name an artificial reef site after yourself, your company, or a beloved friend or family member?  Your next fishing or dive trip could be out to the reef that you named?

A reef site name can serve as an indefinite source of exposure.  Perhaps you have a business or purpose that you believe would serve as a great artificial reef site name.  Artificial reef site names appear on maps, news stories, scientific publications, and sometimes even on local and national television shows.

If you sponsor one of our future artificial reef projects we will name the site as you wish.  We have a few intended projects with reef site names available.  Future reefs in the works include: vessels of various sizes and concrete structure deployments.

TISIRI understands that not everybody is in the position to sponsor at a level to name the entire reef but still desire to identify with a reef. We offer three other levels of contribution allowing identification with newly created reefs.

For a contribution of $100 your name will be etched into a metal sign with the names of a few other TISIRI contributors and secured to an artificial reef structure to to placed offshore on a future reef deployment.

For a contribution of $250 your name will be etched into its own sign will be placed on an an individual reef piece such as concrete reef structure.

A contribution of $500 will place your name on a large reef structure piece such as a giant culvert pipe or beam.

Naming options
Enter name to be engraved

TISIRI will have the signs created and placed on reef structures prior to a reef deployment. Pictures will be captured of the signs on the reef structures prior to the reef deployment and posted on the TISIRI webpage and available for download. TISIRI thanks you for your contribution and support of our efforts.

TISIRI is a 501c3 organization and your contributions are tax deductible.