News Stations Report the Gulf America Wreck


Broadcast networks WTEV and WJXT report the current condition of the S.S. Gulf America Wreck with TISIRI's Joe Kistel. The news stations reference video and pictures of the wreckage captured by Kistel only two weeks ago. TISIRI and the JRRT investigated the Gulf America Reef to observe its current condition and collect visual media of the site. See the two news stories below.

WTEV Action News Segment:

WJXT News 4 Jax Report:

Pictures and video captured by Kistel of this wreck site can be located by clicking here.

4 Responses

  1. jimmy

    Wow, I did not realize we had an actual historic wreck in Jacksonville.

  2. Boater

    How deep is this wreck? It looks amazing!

  3. The wreck lies in roughly 65 feet of water.

  4. Paul Benson

    Great footage. I applaud TISIRI for increasing awareness of our artificial reefs.

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