Search and Recover Mission

UPDATE 10-8-12:
...The offshore weather forecast needs to improve to execute the intended mid-week search. We will keep an eye on it and hope we get a calmer opening mid to late this week. We are sorry we can not provide a specific date but that is the nature of offshore efforts...

You may recall from news reports that a small aircraft disappeared off the coast of Jacksonville recently. The incident took place on September 23 and neither the plane nor the pilot have been found. Based on information obtained we feel there is a high probably of locating the aircraft if it is searched for. We are coordinating a search, and possible recovery mission, for mid to late this week. A sonar track search grid has been designed for the area we will examine with a side-scan sonar.

The efforts will go something like this:
As we approach the search area the side-scan will be deployed and calibrated. The sonar will follow paths on the sonar track and as items of interest are noticed the gps coordinates will be noted. Divers will bounce dive the "items of interest" to confirm their identity. Once the aircraft is located and identified the situation will be evaluated and the authorities contacted.

To help cover logistical cost to make this mission successful, we are offering the opportunity to participate. Although we will be aboard a large vessel space is limited. We can only offer 6 diving positions and and 3 non-diving support spots. We will have specialist aboard, camera wquipment, and sonar gear.

Contact TISIRI Headquarters if interested in helping in the search.

The intended search date is for this upcoming Wednesday with Thursday and Friday as back-up options. If you make a contribution and are unable to participate you will be credited to participate in a future TISIRI effort.

Diver credentials will be checked before departure and divers will be interviewed to verify they are competent and comfortable with the environment they will be diving in. Divers should already have experience diving offshore northeast Florida and are recommended to have dive insurance such as DAN.

Participants, both divers and non-divers, will be participating as volunteers in a community service effort. By making the requested TISIRI contribution above you are agreeing that you will not hold TISIRI, or any of its participants, liable for any possible injury or damage incidents throughout duration of the efforts described.

This is a search effort with a goal of identifying the aircraft and perhaps pilot. The motive is to help authorities with their case and to help family and those associated with the pilot. Although it should be a great experience this is not to be confused with typical recreational diving.

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  1. Good luck with your efforts!

  2. Bill Hay

    I am extremely interested in this diving opportunity as I am a commercial helicopter pilot and have considerable experience up though Resuce Diver and at least 100 hours of bottom time on wreck diving….I am also an EMT. I am NOT however, a nitrox qualified diver….although, I am considering adding that card. I have all my own equipment including tanks. Can you send an email back with what you assume will be the operational depth. I

  3. Bill,

    You have been sent a private email message but our guess is the search area could be 90 – 100 feet deep.

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