Safe Harbor Maritime Academy Scuba Certification


TISIRI and spent the last two weeks with the young gentlemen of Safe Harbor Maritime Academy helping prepare them for open water scuba certification. This past weekend the students executed their open water diving requirements and became certified scuba divers. See pictures and a brief video of the Safe Harbor gentlemen preforming their skills underwater at Ginnie Springs. (this post continues below the video)

All the boys preformed remarkably and it was great to see their reactions to their first real world scuba diving experience. These guys are hooked now! Congratulations.

Larry Davis of served as dive instructor, Joe Kistel of TISIRI was the project coordinator and photographer, and Ed Kalakauskis assisted in dive instruction and program logistics.

TISIRI would like to thank project sponsors including Diver Supply Jacksonville, PADI, Scuba Extreme, and Ginnie Springs Outdoors.

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  1. Tom

    Nice effort guys, I bet these guys really appreciate it.

  2. Sheri R

    Awesome photos and video!

  3. bill

    great stuff

  4. Adam Matheson

    I was one of the boys that got certified I loved the experience thanks you guys I still dive and love it!!!!!

    • Great to here Adam, We hope all is well.

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