Calling artisits for Children's book project

A children's book is being created regarding a previous Artificial Reef Project. The story is a brief biography of a ship/character, called "The Spike." It is a feel good, rag-to-riches, theme and will introduce young readers to artificial reef ecosystems. The story starts with the Spike as a normal tugboat who then becomes damage and is no longer able to serve the tug industry. Ultimately he finds another productive use with his life as an artificial reef and this chronicle is about how this comes to be. The book is brief, roughly 15 to 20 pages, and will include both actual imagery and illustrations. The primary character, "Spike," will need to be created and presented in a variety of situations throughout the story.

A artist and/or artists are requested and will be selected to participate in creating the illustrated character, "Spike." Those interested in participation are asked to submit a sample rendition for review. Below are pictures of the Spike at various stages provided for a visual reference. Please create one sample character illustration (engaging character) out of this ship. Big facial features and expression are encouraged to engage young readers. The sample file can be emailed to with the subject heading ("your name"_Spike). Please also name the file submitted in the same format ("your name"_Spike). Please submit the illustration by Monday, July 11 and the images will be reviewed. Those providing illustrations most engaging will be contacted for a personal meeting to discuss the project further. Thanks

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