Triggerfish Attack Camera Equipment


During an investigation of aircraft wreckage offshore St. Augustine Florida, TISIRI cameraman Joe Kistel momentarily leaves a video camera recording unattended. The video camera was recording for approximately three minutes. It wasn't until the footage was later reviewed when it was learned what was happening throughout this time period. See the video below:

Curious Grey triggerfish thought they should try to taste the camera housing. In particular, they were most interested in the lever for a light filter just to the left of the lens. Throughout the video you can hear the lever being chomped on as the fish attack. One particular fish decides to bite the lens directly, yikes!

Fortunately, even after all the affectionate attention from the triggerfish, the housing was only slightly scratched.

Click here to view fish attack video on YouTube

3 Responses

  1. Scott P

    Wicked! I am suprised the lens does not appear scratched.

  2. Sara

    Did any of the divers get bit?

  3. A few blemishes on the case it self but the lens appears to be ok.

    A couple of divers did get the occasional triggerfish nibble.

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