Lee County Two Barges Reef Investigation


Shortly after the explosive sinking of the USS Mohawk TISIRI divers investigated an artificial reef a few miles south of the Mohawk's resting location. The reef site is composed of two large metal barges, one of which is upside down and propped up at steep angle. The upside down barge is actually resting on concrete pieces and this is the explanation for the angled orientation. The angled barge creates a relief of nearly 20 feet off the sea floor and makes for unique reef structure. The concrete under the barge creates many voids where fish and animals can take refuge while the largely still intact barge has become surface area for a great diversity of encrusting growth. See pictures captured at Lee County's two barge reef site below..

Divers encountered Goliath Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, Gag Grouper, Tomtates, Damsels, Blennies, Butterflyfish, and a countless amount of other types of marine life. The reef was large enough TISIRI divers were not able to cover it in a single dive but regardless divers were kept entertained on the areas they were able to explore. A great, high relief reef in the Lee County area. TISIRI would highly recommend making a dive or try fishing on this site while you come out to visit the Mohawk.

For more information on this specific reef including GPS coordinates visit here.

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    really cool to see the goliath in a pit he dug..

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