S.S. Gulf America Wreck, 70 years later


JRRT and TISIRI divers investigate the S.S. Gulf America wreck 70 years after her sinking. See pictures and video captured of the wreckage by TISIRI's Joe Kistel below. Note: The visibility and lighting conditions were poor and thus the imagery is not of the clearest quality. This post continues following the video.

The S.S. Gulf America was torpedoed by German U Boat 123 on April 10, 1942. The torpedo damage caused the Gulf America to sink where she lies today in about 65 feet of water several miles offshore of Jacksonville beach. In fact she is close enough to the beach that eye witness reports claim battle could be observed from the coast the evening it took place.

Today the Gulf America is still serving the seas only in a different way. Now her remains serve as productive marine habitat, aka she is a reef. The size of the coral formations and growth on the remaining structure of the Gulf America indicate a mature reef at that. In fact TISIRI divers report these are the largest coral formations they have witnessed on any north east Florida reef site yet. The S.S. Gulf America will continue to live on many more years providing productive habitat as well as an offshore destination for offshore enthusiast.

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  1. john t

    Wow, it is amazing that a tragic piece of history has become abundant with sea life.

  2. sara

    WoW you can not even recognize it as a ship anymore

  3. mike smith

    Those coral heads are massive

  4. Quint White

    Impressive! Beautiful video and photogrphs. Most people in Jacksonville habe no idea what lives offshore.

  5. Jim Hapney

    My uncle Richard A Van Pelt died on that night. He was a seaman on the Gulf America.

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