Reggie's Tug Reef Offshore St Augustine Florida


One of the reefs TISIRI divers investigated this past weekend offshore St. Augustine Florida is a sunken tugboat known as Reggie's Tug. The wreck lies in about 100 feet of water roughly 25 miles East of the St. Augustine inlet. Although the tug boat is of modest size, under a 100 feet in length, it is a largely productive reef. The vessel structure is completely encrusted with coral, sponge, algae, and much more. The growth is providing food and shelter for numerous species of fish and invertebrates. Some of these guys noticed on this dive included belted sandfish, blennies, arrow crabs, and hermit crabs to name a few. Larger animals encountered included amberjack, barracuda, goliath grouper, and unfortunately lionfish.

Below is video footage of the reef site and its inhabitants.

3 Responses

  1. TRK

    Shoot the Lionfish!

  2. Debbie S

    Gosh you guys are seeing lionfish everydive, That is not good.

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