North Florida Lionfish Rodeo Underwater Pictures

This past Saturday a Lionfish rodeo tournament took place offshore Jacksonville Florida. The goal of the event was to remove as many invasive Lionfish as possible from the reefs offshore Jacksonville. TISIRI participated in the event and captured some photos of the marine life encountered at the reefs we are trying to protect. The reefs visited were the Casablanca Reef and the BR Freighter. See a few of the marine life pictures captured during the dives below.

This weekend also happened to be the weekend where Red Snapper were permitted to be harvested over a three day period. Many, many boats with fisherman and scuba divers were offshore to attempt to catch the allocated amount of Red Snapper. It was a busy day offshore. At one area we counted 15 boats in less a half mile area.

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  1. Clara

    cool pictures

  2. Norine Blanton

    So how many lionfish were taken?

  3. Tournament participants brought in nearly 500 total fish.

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