Jacksonville Spike Reef; Three Years Later


A little over three years after her deployment, TISIRI's Joe Kistel and Larry Davis get the opportunity to revisit the Spike. With only enough time for one dive, Kistel and Davis decided to carry their camera equipment and capture as many useful photos as possible. The photos could be later reviewed to make more thorough observations of the reef's current condition. See the latest imagery below.

Kistel and Davis reported excitement having been able to revisit the reef. They reported fish everywhere including schools of tomtates and beeliners so thick in the ship that you could not see light coming through the large openings on the other side. Other fish species observed included spadefish, barracuda, gag grouper, and unfortunately lionfish. Kistel stated there was no shortage of invertebrate life as well. The hull appeared encrusted with barnacles, coralline algae, and even some stony coral. Other critters included plenty of sea urchins and even scallops.

The Spike appears to be doing what she was intended to do. Her metal structure is allowing mother nature to do her thing and colonize the exposed surface area with marine life. The Spike is well on her way to becoming even a more productive reef site. Already she is a big attraction with fishermen and scuba divers.

For more information, imagery, and GPS coordinates of the Spike Reef click here.

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  1. jack p

    Wow, really cool to see the hard coral growing.

  2. Sara

    Can’t believe it looks like that after only a few years. I want to come dive that with you guys.

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