Investigating Taylor Reef Offshore St. Augustine Florida


TISIRI investigated Taylor Reef offshore St. Augustine Florida this past Saturday. Offshore conditions were great, with mild seas and about 30 feet of visibility at the reef site. Divers encountered a variety of fish species including grouper, snapper, tomtates, and much more. Also encountered were sea turtles and nurse sharks. See the pictures below to get a better idea of the reef structures and the inhabiting marine life.

Overall the condition of the reef seemed to be healthy and thriving. Unfortunately scuba divers did encounter several lionfish averaging around 8 inches in length. In fact lionfish were present on every reef site we visited today.

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  1. mitch b

    Awesome pictures. I really like the nurse shark photo.

  2. robert s

    Great pics, I didn’t realize that kind of marine life was offshore St. Augustine.

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