Hammerhead vs Shark


TISIRI's Joe Kistel is filming a shark being reeled in when a much larger Hammerhead shark shows up out of nowhere.

In between reef observation dives off the Coast of Fort Myers beach, Kistel decided to film surface activity as the other scuba divers fished. Several small fish were brought up but one of the divers ended up with a shark on the line. Using light tackle it took the angler about 15 mins of fighting before the shark was close enough to the boat to see it. Once the shark saw the boat, and Kistel in the water, it bolted and it was another ten mins before the shark was exhausted to the point where it could be lured to the vessel. Once the shark was close Kistel could film it. Kistel spent several minutes observing the shark but at one point felt the urge to look behind himself. As he looked over his shoulder he yelled out a choice word or two as he was startled to see an 8 foot hammerhead shark swimming right behind him.

After the initial excitement Kistel decided to stay in the water to film the large shark as it seemed the large specimen was more interested in the shark being caught then Kistel himself. Watch the video above to see the shark footage captured.

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