First North Florida Reef Investigations of 2013


Winter months bring cold water, unpredictable weather, and great white sharks to north Florida. Regardless of these less then encouraging variables underwater reef investigations continue. TISIRI visited two reef locations; a natural ledge reef and a artificial concrete reef habitat deployed in 2011.

The first reef visited was a 5 foot tall natural ledge system at an area known as Hospital Grounds to local offshore enthusiast. The ledge sits in about 100 feet of water and is home to a great diversity of sea life. We encountered large red snapper, gag grouper, and amberjack. A few pictures of the reef are below

Hospital Grounds Ledge Reef:

Later we visited a reef that was placed on the sea floor back in the summer of 2011. Although the reef is young it is already teaming with life. We observed a variety of invertebrate life forms colonizing the surface of the concrete including tunicates, barnacles, and sponges. We also observed several juvenile mangrove snapper and plenty of sea bass. See a few pictures captured at the reef site below.

Floyds Folley Concrete Reef:

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