In addition to reef creation and generating marine awareness TISIRI also participates in marine conservation efforts.

Reef maintenance and clean-ups:

Like anything utilized by humans, artificial reefs can benefit from occasional maintenance. Over time popular reef sites can accumulate a significant amount of discarded fishing line, fishing hardware, rope, and misc trash. Many of these items are not quickly bio-degradable and can harm marine life if it were to remain on the reef. Of main concern, is the entanglement potential imposed by abandon fishing line. Fish, marine invertebrates, and marine mammals can be harmed from entanglement.

TISIRI coordinates and executes reef clean-up objectives. Reef sites are visited by TISIRI instructed divers and items such as fishing line and trash are removed from the reefs. The non-reef friendly items harvested are brought back to the mainland and discarded appropriately. TISIRI also uses the opportunity during these dives to observe the overall condition of the reef and its inhabitants as well as collect visual media for reef inventory objectives.