Barge Loaded For Flagler Artifical Reef Deployment


After participating in the ARC Surf Camp at Jacksonville Beach this morning TISIRI's Kistel, Kalakauskis, and Davis headed to the ship yard for a look at the concrete reef material for the upcoming Flagler County artificial reef project. Kistel and Kalakauskis wanted a closer inspection of the reef material and to get a better idea of how much had been loaded. Davis, as usual, was in attendance to photo and video document.

It appeared a good amount of concrete reef material had been loaded but it is anticipated more material will be piled on the barge early this week. As of this writing most of the concrete reef material on the barge included flat slabs and piling pieces that should work well in creating marine habitat.

Later this week, weather permitting, this material will be barged down off the coast of Flagler county and deployed to the sea floor. In no time at all the concrete reef material will colonise with invertebrate growth providing food and shelter for a diverse variety of marine life.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this reef creation project. TISIRI hopes to conduct followup survey dives of the reef site to monitor its progress.

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