2013 Reef Creation Video Story and Pictures

Last Friday the Fred Morrow Reef was created offshore the coast of northeast Florida. The entire project was a significant amount of work but all very worthwhile. Please see the brief video story we created explaining the project from the start of acquiring the reef materials to the first underwater look of the reef. Pictures of the event are also included under the video. A big thanks to Larry Davis for capturing much of the footage featured within this video.

Another video of the deployment day events (edited by Larry Davis) can be found here.


A big thanks to project participants including:
-Salonen Marine
-Offshore Dive Charters
-St. Augustine Police
-Larry Davis
-Ed Kalakauskis
-Nate Tucei
-Dane Shields
-Kim Fair
-Mike Ortmayer
-Eric May
-Glen Hoffman

3 Responses

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  2. bob

    Awesome video and project.

  3. Kathy

    Awesome video. Such a great thing to do for the environment.

  4. […] Pictures and Video: Click here Deployment (a different video): Click here Loading time-lapse: Click here Pre-deployment survey: […]

  5. Charles Holt

    Fred Morrow will be smiling every time someone enjoys the reef placed in his honor. He was not only a great fisherman but also one of the finest gentlemen out there. Ya’ll have done a wonderful thing placing this reef in his name. The only downside is that the fish may stay away out of fear because his reputation lives on!

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