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New Reef Modules Deployed

Four new Reef Ball modules were deployed offshore St Augustine Florida at the St. Johns County "Bridge of Lions" artificial reef permit area.

The reef ball GPS coordinates are:
29° 52'594
81° 09'164

Here is a brief...

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Down At The Dock Kids Fishing

7-10-19 The Jacksonville Offshore Sports Fishing Club and supporting organisations hosted a dockside fishing event for children with special needs today. Lots of fish were caught and smiles were made. One young man landed a red fish with a bunch of spots, another a nice sheep head,...
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Artificial Reef Structures Evolve With Time

In the fall of 2018 concrete double "T" structures (built and provided by Gate Precast) were placed in the Ocean to create marine habitat and the Starship Reef, A Coastal Conservation Conservation - Building Conservation Trust- Shell project. These reef modules have been in the ocean just...
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Reef Blocks Have Landed, GPS Coordinates

The United States Coast Guard deployed several large concrete blocks to create marine habitat at a permitted artificial reef site offshore Mickler's Beach St. Johns County. The blocks deployed were retired navigational aid anchors. They once held large floating buoys in place but had expired their service...
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A Push To Increase Offshore Habitat Restoration Activities

We are in discussions with City of Jacksonville Waterways Commission in an effort to increase offshore habitat conservation efforts. The major activities we are encouraging to scale include habitat creation projects (artificial reef construction), reef site maintenance, and awareness programs showcasing the unique opportunities the region's offshore...
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Eco-Diving St. Augustine Sunken Barge Reef

There is a massive sunken hopper barge offshore St. Augustine Florida known as the Dorothy Louise. It is a fantastic fishing and diving location and home to a great diversity of marine life. Check out the exciting video below showing the awesome scuba diving the site...
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How the Starship Reef Was Constructed

A brief video showing how the "Starship Reef" was created of the coast of northeast Florida. Reef materials were acquired from multiple sources and loaded strategically on a massive ocean going barge. Check out how it was all put together... Starship Reef is the largest...
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Fish Habitat Structures Placed At Starship Reef

10-20-18The awesome structures Gate Precast provided for the reef creation project were successfully placed on the seafloor this weekend. Below is a quick 1 minute video recap of the reef creation process. Reef Coordinates: 30°10.199' 81°09.305'We were fortunate to be able to take advantage of a brief weather window that...
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CCA/BCT Starship Reef Deployment

10-13-18The first barge full of recycled concrete materials was deployed for the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) / Building Conservation Trust (BCT), Starship Reef Project. Dames Point Workboats placed 640 tons of concrete pilings, demo pier material, and rocks in the ocean 12 miles East of Mickler's Beach....
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Underwater Conditions In Red Tide Affected Areas

We recently posted a video showing underwater observations while diving offshore southwest Florida in late September. The region has been subjected to a long term and wide spread "Red Tide" or "Harmful Algae bloom" event that is causing devastation to marine life. Our findings were unsettling,...
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