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Reef Service Video Takes 1st Place!

A segment from the TISIRI television show production "Sunken Conservation" recently took first place in the Swim Shorts Film Festival. The video entered into the contest was titled "Reef Habitat Service" and featured the hands-on underwater conservation efforts of TISIRI divers. We were grateful for the opportunity to...
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Lionfish Hunt, Sell, Eat… National Geographic Story

TISIRI's Joe Kistel teamed up with National Geographic to create this story regarding the overwhelming numbers of Lionfish in the northern Gulf. The segment follows the journey of the fish from being hunted all the way to the dinner plate.
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Near Death Shark Found with Bullet Wound

12-12-15Today we made a very disturbing encounter at an artificial reef site known as the Casablanca. As shark was found very near death with what appeared to be a head wound caused by a bullet. Below is a brief video clip showing how the shark was...
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TISIRI’s Joe Kistel Featured As Ocean Hero

The nationally distributed Origin Magazine recently published its latest edition with an emphasis on marine conservationist. TISIRI's own director and underwater cinematographer Joe Kistel was featured as an Ocean Hero. Click on the image below to see the segment or look for a copy of Origin Magazine...
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National Geographic Local Lionfish Video

Florida's lionfish epidemic is getting international attention. Earlier today National Geographic published a video story featuring commentary by University of North Florida lionfish researcher Dr. Eric Johnson and lionfish footage by TISIRI's Joe Kistel. National Geographic posted the content to their FaceBook page (two different times) which...
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John C. Leone Reef and Statue of Jesus Placement Success (Video)

The John C. Leone reef was successfully created on Friday 12 miles off the coast of Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. Part of the reef creation process included placing a 1000 plus pound statue of Jesus on the sea floor (70 feet below). Although placing the statue was challenging, the entire deployment process went well and a new marine habitat has been created in memory of John Leone. Watch the how the statue was placed in the video below.
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Spadefish "Tornado" News Media Story

While filming the sunken vessel below there came a moment when all of the sudden everything became dark. When the divers looked up they found a massive school of Atlantic spadefish blocking the available sunlight. Cameraman Kistel tried to capture some of the encounter and the massive "tornado" shape the school of spadefish created.
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Downtown Jacksonville Reef Project News Story

Below is a very well presented news media story discussing the completion and benefits of the new urban reefs near downtown Jacksonville. Story by Lindsey Boetsch of First Coast News.ABC/NBC News Story: Read More