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A glimpse of the most infested Lionfish regions

Notable Lionfish hunters claim the northern Gulf of Mexico contains the highest congregations of invasive Lionfish that they have encountered in all of their Lionfish hunting excursions. This past Sunday a small team investigated a specific region presumed to hold high populations. The team included TISIRI's Joe Kistel (cameraman), FWC's Alex Fogg (Lionfish harvester), and Captain Grayson Shepard (trip host, consultant, and harvester). The team visited two underwater structure sites in the northern Gulf and were astonished with what they encountered. Words can fully describe the experience but the brief video clip below paints a pretty vivid picture.
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Sunken Coast Guard Tender Spike 5 Years Later

In the summer of 2009 the retired United States Coast Guard Vessel Spike was sunk off the coast of Jacksonville to create marine habitat. This summer makes 5 years since the deployment. TISIRI divers made several visits over the summer months to observe the current condition of the reef. Today the vessel has already become a flourishing reef. The brief video story below shows the dramatic difference between when the vessel was underwater on day one and now.
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Mandarin High School Reef Balls

In the summer of 2009 several reef balls created by the students and faculty of Mandarin High School were placed 12 miles offshore Ponte Vedra Florida (Grant FWC-08259). This past Sunday the reef balls were visited to examine their progress as reef structures and below is brief compilation of video clips of the now thriving habitat.
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National Geographic Features TISIRI Reef Cleaning Efforts

Earlier this month TISIRI divers headed offshore Jacksonville Florida to clean-up marine reef habitats. Popular reef sites were targeted assuming they would have accumulated the most waste material over time. National Geographic published a brief video story of the day's reef cleaning efforts (watch it...
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TISIRI and Visit Jacksonville Official Scuba Diving Promo

Visit Jacksonville and TISIRI teamed up to produce a video promoting the scuba diving opportunities in Jacksonville Florida.TISIRI's Joe Kistel, Larry Davis, and Ed Kalakauskis visited a dive site known as the Monahan Tug. It was a beautiful day and the underwater conditions were perfect. Kistel...
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Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast Harvest Video Story

We recently published our video story of a lionfish control team that was sent offshore during the Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast Tournament. The divers on this trip collected over 200 lionfish with both spear and live capture techniques. Check out the story below: