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Research Reef Created Offshore Northeast Florida

Several large concrete blocks were placed offshore the coast of Jacksonville and St. Augustine thanks to the efforts of TISIRI, the USCG Sector Jacksonville, and the City of Jacksonville. The blocks placed were actually former navigational aid anchors that outlived their service life. As opposed to discarding the large blocks a plan to create a research reef was devised. This post is continued below the news video story of the project featured below.
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Jacksonville Reef Survey Report; FF 2011 concrete deployment

TISIRI located, surveyed, and mapped the reef material on 8-4-11, exactly one week after the reef deployment.  Divers that participated in dive survey and data collection efforts included Joe Kistel, Ed Kalakauskis, Nate Tucei, Jim Davis, and Gene Langeman.Reef material was found dispersed in a random and sporadic fashion with both densely clustered congregations as well as isolated pieces.  Several fish species were observed as well as a few mobile invertebrates.  The reef was placed well within the permitted boundaries and the maximum vertical relief from the seafloor was below 50 feet from the surface.  The reef deployment appears to meet regulatory requirements and should evolve into productive marine habitat.
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Jacksonville artificial reef first look: FF July 2011 Reef

The TISIRI team visits the new Jacksonville artificial reef at the Floyds Folly exactly one week after the reef was created. Divers mapped the reef material layout, captured photos and video, and observed the overall condition of the reef. Several fish species were observed enjoying the new habit created by the reef structures. See the underwater video and pictures below of the new reef and mapping process.
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Barge Loaded For Flagler Artifical Reef Deployment

Later this week, weather permitting, this material will be barged down off the coast of Flagler county and deployed to the sea floor. In no time at all the concrete reef material will colonise with invertebrate growth providing food and shelter for a diverse variety of marine life.
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