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A glimpse of the most infested Lionfish regions

Notable Lionfish hunters claim the northern Gulf of Mexico contains the highest congregations of invasive Lionfish that they have encountered in all of their Lionfish hunting excursions. This past Sunday a small team investigated a specific region presumed to hold high populations. The team included TISIRI's Joe Kistel (cameraman), FWC's Alex Fogg (Lionfish harvester), and Captain Grayson Shepard (trip host, consultant, and harvester). The team visited two underwater structure sites in the northern Gulf and were astonished with what they encountered. Words can fully describe the experience but the brief video clip below paints a pretty vivid picture.
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Statewide Invasive Lionfish Awareness And Removal Weekend

This May, the weekend of the 16th and 17th will be dedicated to statewide Lionfish removal and awareness activities. Coastal counties around the state will be harvesting Lionfish in an attempt to remove as many of the invasive critters as possible. Watch the brief promotional video...
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Site Scouting For Future Oyster Reef Habitat Project

3-4-15A Jacksonville oyster habitat creation project is in the works and today a team investigated a site of interest in the Mill Cove area (a section of the St Johns River near the Damespoint bridge). Participants pursued with a "boots-on-the-ground" investigation in order to become familiar with the...
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Mudville Grille Aquatic Habitat Discussion Imagery

2-11-15The images and videos below are the slides used in the presentation at Mudville Grille regarding northeast Florida aquatic habitat projects. A big thanks to all those that came out. The presentation included a detailed discussion of the latest St John's River reef projects, updates on...
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Spadefish "Tornado" News Media Story

While filming the sunken vessel below there came a moment when all of the sudden everything became dark. When the divers looked up they found a massive school of Atlantic spadefish blocking the available sunlight. Cameraman Kistel tried to capture some of the encounter and the massive "tornado" shape the school of spadefish created.
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Downtown Jacksonville Reef Project News Story

Below is a very well presented news media story discussing the completion and benefits of the new urban reefs near downtown Jacksonville. Story by Lindsey Boetsch of First Coast News.ABC/NBC News Story: Read More

St. Johns River Reef Complete… Project Video Story

The purpose of the this project was to create habitat benefitting the river environment while providing a recreational fishing destination. The total deployment took 18 barge loads to the two permitted reef sites (the Coastal Conservation Association Reef and the George Holt Reef) over a two week time frame. Below is the video story that shows much of the efforts in making this project a reality.
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