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Lionfish Outreach and Insight Videos

Below are videos describing the invasive Lionfish situation in Florida and objectives to reduce the negative impact they are causing to regional ecosystems. All the Lionfish footage included was captured by underwater cinematographer (and TISIRI director) Joe Kistel.Aug 2016 Plague-like concentration of Lionfish encountered 7...
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Lionfish Hunt, Sell, Eat… National Geographic Story

TISIRI's Joe Kistel teamed up with National Geographic to create this story regarding the overwhelming numbers of Lionfish in the northern Gulf. The segment follows the journey of the fish from being hunted all the way to the dinner plate.
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Scouting for reefs in need of servicing

Last week a team of TISIRI divers made a trip offshore Jacksonville Florida in effort to locate and verify habitat sites for an upcoming reef restoration effort. The goal was to identify reef locations that had fishing line and anchor rope entanglement hazards that could benefit from...
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