Reef Effort Appreciation from the FWC

Below is a message sent from Jon Dodrill of the FWC regarding TISIRI's artificial reef efforts. The video mentioned is located here.

"Hey Joe! Thanks for sharing this reef cleanup video. Recovery of discarded monofilament line in particular is an important aspect of fishing stewardship. It is left to conservation minded the divers like yourself to shoulder that task when the line is lost and fouled on artificial reefs. I think it’s an important aspect of reef program management but hasn’t been addressed consistently statewide at the level it should be. Thank you and other TISIRI members for mounting this underwater cleanup effort and providing such a great example to raise awareness.

Also the TISIRI photo gallery is awesome. I enjoy viewing the pictures. Thanks to you and other TISIRI folks for you continuing contributions to Jacksonville’s sound management of its artificial program. Regards, Jon Dodrill"

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