Concrete Reef Material Delivery


Today, thanks to the support and generosities of many, concrete reef material was delivered for future TISIRI reef building endeavors. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Reynolds Park Yacht Center, and Holland Marine are all contributing to make a future reef possible.

The FDOT is providing concrete material that can no longer serve structural purposes because of certain defects, etc. As opposed to creating trash and filling up landfills, the FDOT is donating the material to TISIRI. TISIRI in turn can use the material to create marine habitat; providing fish shelter and food while supporting the fishing, diving, and several other industries.

The material arrived at the Green Cove facility around mid afternoon. After a check in with Reynolds team and Holland Marine, preparations for the unloading began. The Holland Marine Crew coordinated the first truck to back-up under the gigantic travel lift. Once underneath the truck driver unchained the material while the Holland crew ran the lift straps underneath the concrete beams. Everything in place, the material was slowly lifted from the truck and the truck was able to drive away. The trick now was to get the material, currently hoisted in the air hanging from the lift, another 100 yards away to its storage location. Well, being a travel lift, the Holland Marine Crew was able to navigate the Reynolds Park lift and its contents to the storage area. Once in place, blocks were laid out on the ground and the material was loaded onto them.

Since this lift is so large and already in place, the remainder of the three trucks simply backed up underneath the lift to have the remaining material lifted off and placed on the ground. Thanks to the proper equipment and skilled Holland Marine crew, the entire process took less than an hour and a half.

We at TISIRI are greatly appreciative of the contributions and efforts of the FDOT, Reynolds Park Yacht Center, and Holland Marine. Their web pages can be viewed at the links below.

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