Marine Habitat Creation, Reef Building

Creating artificial reefs is complex and requires the coordinated efforts of many. The following are just a few items to be addressed:

  • Proper materials must be found, cleaned, and inspected.
  • Communication and involvement with several regulatory agencies.
  • Proper offshore locations must be found and vetted as a potential reef sites.
  • Proper services must be solicited for the various required logistics; material transportation, cleaning, etc.
  • Funding must be generated to cover all expenses.
  • Each project will present its own unique problems that must be addressed in a timely, efficient, and creative manner.

To ensure the sustainability of artificial reefs, TISIRI addresses such task with upmost organization and responsibility. We eagerly partner with community organizations to harness the value of extensive local knowledge and effort. Artificial reef creation is a monumental task and often not possible without extensive community involvement.

Reef Building is an expensive task, and TISIRI has several programs designed to encourage contributions from individuals and the private sector. Our fundraising programs offer an unique marketing potential for patrons. These include reef naming and sponsorship opportunities. We also encourage in-kind services and invite individuals to get involved.

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